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Make a Donation To

Diamond Dynasty
Non-Profit Organization


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Diamond Dynasty Non-Profit Organization welcomes and appreciates your tax-deductible contributions of cash and other donated items (RV's, cars, clothing, etc.). If you would like to make a donation you can do so in one or more of the following ways:

Online Cash Donations Through PayPal

For Mail In Donations; Please send an email to for further details.

Thank You

Receive a dollar-for-dollar Arizona Tax Credit to reduce or eliminate Your State Income Tax

Charitable Tax Credits are available for donations to Diamond Girl Rock Dynasty Non-Profit Music Organization.

As an Arizona resident, you may qualify to receive a dollar-for-dollar charitable tax credit from your state income tax for a contribution made to Diamond Girl Rock Dynasty Non-Profit Music Organization.

It’s easy to claim your Arizona Tax Credit!

Simply claim a donation to Diamond Girl Rock Dynasty Non-Profit Music Organization of up to $400 as an individual taxpayer or a donation of up to $800 for a married couple filing jointly.

When filing your state income tax, just complete Arizona Department of Revenue form 321 and report Diamond Girl Rock Dynasty Non-Profit Music Organization as the name of the Qualifying Charitable Organization you donated to. Also fill in the dollar amount of your donation on this form.

Become A Honorary Donor Today!!!

Make a generous donation on a monthly basis and receive a Diamond Dynasty tote bag with a surprise gift along with a Donor recognition plaque at the end of each year. All proceeds are allocated to programs and services offered that benefit underserved individuals in the community.

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