We are now offering

Weekly/monthly Zoom meetings!

*These Zoom meetings are intended to provide a positive outlet for children, adolescents and young adults* A place where you can be exactly who you are....You!

Our goal is to maintain structure and organizational methods. While keeping participants actively involved within their home and within their communities.

Those who attend weekly/monthly Zoom meetings will be given weekly/monthly tasks to complete. Participation is key! Participants will construct short term and long term goals. Our focus is making sure goals are reached. Whether it is getting an "A" on a final exam or getting a job. We are here to help!

Zoom meeting links will be posted accordingly! Make sure you sign-up as a member to receive daily, weekly and monthly updates. There is no cost to attend zoom meetings!


Parental/guardianship permission is needed for any participants under the age of 16.

We look forward to meeting you!

Our On-line Support Group was created as a community for individuals going through hardship. We believe that this safe space, where people of all backgrounds can share with and listen to others, can make a huge difference. We all have been affected by COVID-19 in same way, form, or fashion. Here at D.G.R. our heart goes out to everyone who have lost their life due to COVID-19. D.G.R. on-line chapter support allows the organization to be creative. Implementing a variety of ways to keep our children active through our on-line chapter support.

Whether you’re looking for relevant information, need a place to share your personal experiences, or simply want to open your heart and mind to help those in need, then D.G.R. on-line Chapter Support is the right place to be.

Encouragement, comfort, advice. Whatever help our individual members need, our Support Group is always here to provide. We are a diverse group of people sharing common experiences and concerns with one another.

If you are interested in attending live Zoom meetings, please complete the form below! Thank You!

Yes! I'm Interested in Attending Weekly/Monthly Zoom Meetings


*Zoom Meeting ID and Passcode 

will be posted accordingly!! Check back in for our next Zoom link on Feb. 22nd @ 6pm 

Thank You!

Meeting ID: 871 8509 5989

Passcode: 629666

Diamond Girl Rock Dynasty Non-Profit Music Organization

This institution is an equal opportunity employer and provider.

DGR is a 501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Organization 46-2440392

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Diamond Girl Rock Dynasty Non-Profit Music Organization greatly appreciate any volunteers who can help assist with current programs. For more information on becoming a volunteer please email: Dgrocks2013@gmail.com

Thank You